Sunday, 23 December 2012

Amazing Christmas Promotions By CasinoClub

CasinoClub Christmas Promotions
CasinoClub is running amazing Christmas promotions where players can take advantages over a number of different perks. The house has just about everything for you to feel pampered right from spins to rewards to superb cash prizes including all casino bonuses.

You don’t have to look further away from this casino because it has decided to offer a number of giveaways, and bonuses along with multiple prizes so that you win and celebrate Christmas throughout the month.

Free Slot Spins:
All you have to do is play the best games offered by the casino. Sounds simple? Oh yes, it indeed is very simple. You don’t even need to make a deposit. All you have to do is play and win the free slot spins. There are 550 spins up for grabs.

€24,000 Cash Christmas Raffle:
Win €100 each day until the 24th of December through these casino bonus promotions. Ten lucky players will win €100 each day. Hence the promotion has an amazing prize pool of €24,000.

€162,000 Cash Money Race:
Collect comp points and win prizes. Simple. Make it up the leaderboard this month from the 17th of December until the end of the month by collecting comp points and you will be able to win cash vouchers from the €162,000 prize pool. The top thousand players on the leaderboard will get lucky.

Cruise Raffle:
This is the most lucrative of all casino bonuses and promotions. It is a huge reward indeed! Win two tickets to the MS Columbus luxury cruise that travels from Frankfurt to the Far East. It has stops in various locations such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Ko Samui, and Singapore.

Those players who are new to the house, grab the first welcome cash to follow to all casino bonuses as well.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Sopranos Mafia Has Invaded Betfred Casino Slots

The Sopranos slots game
Betfred Casino has coushously released mafia themed new slots game called The Sopranos. With three bonus games and a golden opportunity to win £500k, The Sopranos slot has it all to keep you hooked!

This new online slot machine is inspired from The Sopranos, a mafia based show, which was a huge hit on American TV. Join the characters including the boss Tony Soprano and have loads of fun as you win loads of rewards.

Betfred Casino
“With three different bonus rounds and four different free game modes, plus substituting wild symbols and scatter pays, the Sopranos slot could be giving you a huge cut of cash!” said the site.
The betting begin from 1p and goes all the way to £50. Thus you can select your wagering limit based on your convenience. The line amount can be anywhere from 1 to 25.

The Sopranos new slots game has three bonus rounds, filled with rewards for you. And wait that is not it! There is a real footage for you to enjoy. There is also the jackpot of a whopping £500,000 to play for along with a number of different prizes!

If you are new to the house, you will be rewarded right from the time you sign up at the casino. Right now there is the £500 welcome bonus available for new Betfred casino players. Start right now and win loads right from when you start!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Microgaming Casinos Added Two New Video Slot Games

Octopays slot and Break Away video slot games have been launched by Microgaming casinos software developer to join the hoard of slot machines. Microgaming rolls out amazing games each month.

Microgaming Casinos
November is no different. This month it has launched two brand new, fantastic slot machines for its players. Both of them have very different themes but both are equally entertaining and enjoyable. You will have fun like never before with these unique video slot games. Each has new features to boast off about and the payout potential of each game is very high.

The first video slot, Octopays is 243 ways of beating the house video slot game with an great underwater theme. While the theme is nothing new for Microgaming, the excitement is. Microgaming casinos software provider has launched a number of games with the same theme but each is different and fun-filled. In Octopays slot, you should watch out for the baby octopus, which promises random payouts as well as the slippery Moray Eel and the Giant Kraken.

Break Away slot game, the second of the two, has an ice hockey theme. It promises exhilaration and delight like nothing else. There are bonuses, free spins, multipliers, stacked wilds, and new features from Microgaming: Smashing wilds and rolling reels to look forward to and enjoy all the way!

Players can play these new slot machines at the gambling sites enhanced with the Microgaming casinos software.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Mobile Casinos Added Mega Moolah Mobile Slot

Mobile Slot Mega Moolah
Mobile casinos using Microgaming software are celebrating a new release of mobile slot Mega Moolah. You can now play your favorite progressive video slot on your mobile phone!

Mega Moolah, the very famous 5 reel and 25 payline slot game has been launched on mobile platforms through two very reputed mobile casinos: JackpotCity Mobile and Gaming Club Mobile.
If you are an avid player on your mobile phone, which is powered by Android or is an iPhone or iPad, you will be aware of the huge number of mobile casino games offered by both these Microgaming software sites on their platform. You have a wide variety to choose from and Mega Moolah is the latest addition.

Both mobiles boast of having a strong base with mobile card games, instant mobile games, table games, and mobile slots for players. With progressive slot games being offered too, you can expect to win big!

With the addition of Mega Moolah, their base and portfolio of the mobile casino games on offer have just become stronger. You can play and have loads of fun while holding the chance to grab a few million dollars! Mega Moolah mobile slot prize pool is now$3.8 million. It has been on the up since a few weeks and has worked as an excellent incentive for players. Casino mobile games bettors are rushing to play the gambling title and have an opportunity to win big.

Microgaming, the best in the business, powers both the mobile casinos. Go ahead and have lots of fun with this entertaining game. Improve your chances of winning big!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Cats Slot Game Is Now Mobile

IGT’s popular slot game is now on Virgin mobile casino. Cats has been extremely popular since its launch both online as well as in the Vegas casinos. Now IGT has decided to make it go mobile and has launched it on the mobile platform of Virgin Games. This makes it easily accessible and lots of fun to play this new mobile slot!

The lions, the leopards, the bobcats, and the tigers will be adorning their portfolio now. Cats is the third game from IGT to be launched on Virgin mobile casino.

Cats slot game has a number of remarkable features to take advantage of. The wild symbol will fetch you 10,000 credits and the paw symbol, which is the scatter symbol will fetch you 10 free spins. The Split Symbol feature is yet another one, which promises great payouts.

The Head of Products at Virgin Games, Warren Eloff said that this launch is indeed thrilling and he expects it to delight the mobile customers because mobile version of Cats has indeed made it feasible to play the anytime and anywhere.

Cats slot game is the third from IGT for Virgin mobile casino after Da Vinci Diamonds and Cleopatra mobile slot titles. Virgin Mobile thus now offers mobile casino games from Microgaming as well as IGT.

Monday, 19 March 2012

How To Bet On Casino Mobile Games

There is no doubt that casino mobile games have started grabbing the top spot from online casino games when it comes to the popularity. This is simply based on the obvious fact that the mobile version offers a way lot better portability feature than its online counterpart. In other words, playing mobile casino games through mobile phones and other handhold devices is as simple as holding it at the palm of your hand. As long as there is a good internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite casino mobile games anytime and anywhere in this way.

Imagine how amazing it is to fit an American roulette, a slots machine, or a whole poker table in your tiny pocket. Through the power of mobile communications technology, you are now free to choose among the broad selection of both classic and modern casino mobile games anytime you want. As soon as you have selected the mobile version of the casino game that catches your fancy, your next step is to download it straight to your mobile phone. You would then need to register to an account and get oriented on the mechanics of the game, especially on how to earn casino mobile bonus points. You also need to make your initial deposit that will be used for the mobile betting.

Each of the mobile casinos has its own step by step procedure on mobile wagering. The various casino mobile games vary in the process of betting as well. To get started, all you need to do is to click the button "click now" positioned at the casino mobile games you want to play. Several steps of procedures would then be flashed in your screen. Usually, there will be a message stating that you have to enter your user name and address so that you can access your account and use a portion of your deposits as bets for the game.

Most providers of mobile betting sites offer a 100% sign up house chips to start your fantastic mobile casino games adventure. There are also several stunning incentives given not only to new players, but also to the existing customers. One of these mobile casino bonuses is 100% deposit matching cash, which doubles the amount of your first deposit. Other ongoing incentives are weekly and monthly incentives and refer a friend bonus. In fact, these mobile casino bonuses are among the most common tactics of mobile casinos to invite more members and keep entertained the existing players.

If you want to spend a long time playing betting on the mobile casino games, then you have to put small bets at a time only. Besides, this tactic should help to detect your current wagering situation. In case that you already ran out of bets, you still have the chance to play the games by switching to fun mode. In this way, you can also practice the basic mobile betting skills without spending any deposits. As a matter of fact, many mobile casino games experts also used this technique to increase their chances of quick winnings and hitting the jackpot.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mobile Casino Bonus Promotions For Easy Wagering Mobile Casino Games

Mobile Casino Bonus
Playing mobile casino games is one of the best ways to make use of your free time as well as to get over from a bad day. Through your handy internet-connected gadget, you have the freedom to play any of your favorite online gambling games anytime you want. Unlike the online version, mobile casino games are advantageous when it comes to giving you a flexible schedule for your mobile betting sessions. The mobile version gives you more sets of options so that you can personalize your gaming style according to your availability and preferences.

In the world of mobile casino games, you will likely to encounter terms like ‘wager’ and ‘promotions’. These words play important roles in the language of mobile casinos, and even in online and actual versions. Thus, it is just necessary to have some idea on what these words really mean. In its most basic definition, wager is the sum of money that you put on risk for an uncertain event. Wager is somehow synonymous to ‘bet’, but it is best to use this word to specify the number of credits you spend on a certain gambling game. For example, if you put 5 credits on two roulette games in a single mobile casino session, then you wagered a total of 10 credits for a roulette game. Whether you won or lost on both games or you won on one of these, the number of credits you wagered remains the same.

Promotion, on the other hand, can be thought as a bonus or “special offer” for the players of mobile casino games. Each mobile betting house has its own array of mobile casino bonus promotions that are basically intended to entice the players, both new and regular. For newcomers in a particular mobile betting site, among the most common promotional mobile casino bonus offered to them by the house is the free house cash for betting, no deposit required, the first deposit sign up cash, and the 100% welcome bonus. Other typical mobile casino bonuses include the loyalty points, the 20% ongoing cash promotions, the complementary points bonus, and finally refer a friend promotions.

In order to have a successful wagering for mobile casino bonus promotions, one of the first steps to take is to make sure that you are a legible player for it. This can be done by checking the terms and conditions of the particular promotion. You should also understand the rules as well as how such promotion can benefit you before proceeding to the next steps. After that, you will choose among the numerous mobile casino bonus promotions offered by the house. You also have to challenge yourself to perform well in the mobile casino games in order to avail your target promotional bonus. If you want to further increase your chances of wagering the promotion, it is best to prefer mobile casino games that have low odds and house edge. Also, you need to practice the games by switching to the fun game mode.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Mobile Casino Games Right Time To Wager

Mobile Casino Games
In a blink of an eye, a moment can be gone. This is a hundred percent true when it comes to the mobile casino games technology. It seems that IT experts do not even blink an eye in innovating and introducing something that all people will go crazy about. One day something is “in”, and the next day it’s “out”. One of the “in” things of today that has created a wave in the mobile world is mobile casinos. Some say that it is that future of virtual gaming, while for others it is the same addictive vice for those whose heads are plunged deeply in gambling.

No one can really tell nor judge, isn’t it? If the former is the case, then the next question will be “Why do I need to have mobile casino games on my phone now?” If by any chance you are not a phone or gaming savvy, then you can definitely drop the case. However, if you happen to answer “yes” to that question, then the following might just prove to be useful for you.  One thing’s for sure, mobile gaming is not just for the sake of being “in” and being considered to be members of the trending circle.

Having mobile casino games enabled on one’s phone might be the perfect paradise for gamblers and wagers; and if you happen to be one of them, then there is no other perfect time to have it on your phone than now.. This advent is introduced along with a myriad of mobile casino choices. You will find that there are thousands of casinos nowadays prowling on the web looking for potential recruits. As the demand for mobile casinos hit an all-time high, these gaming platforms have become insatiable when it comes to offering mobile casino bonuses and other perks. So if you are a gaming savvy, then yes, now is definitely the perfect time to take advantage of all those perks.

Another reason why you should participate in mobile casino games gaming is the fact that you virtually have nothing to lose. This is a risk-free industry where the chances of winning the stakes are high. Thus, one can easily put on your game face and game plan and just gamble the days and nights away. Mobile casinos are the total boredom killers.

Along with the fact that there are a lot of mobile casinos right now, is the truth that there is also a lot of players. This means that you will also have a lot of competitors for winning the jackpot. If you look on the positive side and you are not a newbie, then you will treat this challenge as a good thing to look forward to when it comes to playing mobile casino games.

Nowadays, people hardly part from their mobile phones; and the more sophisticated the features get, the more do people become inseparable with their handheld devices. So, if you want pure and unadulterated fun filled with risks and you are after the unpredictability of mobile casino gaming then, grab on your phones and start playing mobile casino games now!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Casino Mobile Bonus Promotions

Now that casino mobile is within reach, online gamblers are provided with another entertaining and exciting tool that gives them the chance of both having fun while reaping unlimited winnings. But on top of being able to play one’s favorite mobile casino games, lucrative casino mobile bonus promotions are simultaneously offered too.

Casino Mobile Bonus Promotions
There are more than a dozen of new and old mobile casinos where one can play at since it was launched. All of them are featuring the classic games one can found in a land based gambling establishments. But what makes this more interesting is how the casino mobile bonuses are offered to the players as rewards and incentives for them to play more often. True, that casino mobile bonus promotions may be short term, may have validity, but definitely can be quite beneficial to the players.

The incentives offered to the players double the fun of playing mobile casino games as it can give a player free money or premium items, depending on what type of bonus one will avail. As one goes to the mobile casinos websites, the player will be immediately greeted with the alluring sign-up invite with bonus offerings. Most often, the bonus offers the player some free credits that he can use as actual money for betting. Just by merely knowing what perks a player can get even from the beginning will double his eagerness to start gambling.

Mobile casinos being internet based heavily relying on the players wanting to stay online, as such, they will keep on rolling out enticing promotions just to keep their gambling business alive and profitable. Casino mobile bonus promotions compliment every casino game featured in one of the mobile casino’s site. If a player is a high roller, he is assured that he is eligible to receive big incentives from a mobile casino wooing for his higher bankroll. And as he goes on playing, different bonus will surely be there for his taking.

All mobile casino bonuses being offered can add up to the thrill of gambling. It influences the player to speed up betting and even encourages him to make a bigger bankroll. It also an effective tool to attract the player to increase the frequency of his visit a certain casino mobile. A bonus can bring a lot of wonder to a player, the incentives can lengthen his capacity to remain in a game since it can double his bankroll and sometimes even ten times higher than what he his paying for.

A player also need not worry if the bonus is only being offered within a short period of time, because there will always be a need for mobile casinos to look out for new customer or to sustain the number of gamblers registered at their site, thus, one can expect that casino mobile bonus promotions will always be available. It can come in another form or the regular ones but bundled with a different package or incentives for players. A bonus will always be part of mobile casinos to double a player’s fun.