Casino Bonus Codes

Casino Bonus Codes
The traditional casino picture from a Hollywood movie showing shuffling of cards, rotating the wheel for a lucky number, unbounded flow of liquor and cigarette smokes in dimly lit rooms, has found itself a place in the world of internet in a new avatar. Online casinos are a new trend for those who like to give online gambling a try. Also known as virtual or internet casinos, they enable customers to enjoy all the features of traditional casinos via internet. In order to prosper in the online gambling business, many of the online betting sites offer casino bonus codes as a part of their marketing strategy.

The incentives offered by the online casinos are a form of their investment in cash in return of which the customer is committed to wager an amount which is a multiple of the deposit, credited to his account. To make the process effective casino bonus codes are generated .These codes are series of numbers accompanying a bonus promotion which allows the players to take benefit of that promotion.

The functioning of online casino coupon codes involves assigning of a unique tracking code to a particular promotion which gets attached or embedded; each time a player tries to access that through a particular vendor, thus allowing the casino operator to trail the player origin along with the vendor performances.

The casino bonus codes can be categorized into several types. The first of its kind is the URL bonus code, in which, when a player clicks a bonus banner at the affiliates' or the casino operator's site, a code gets attached to the specific source's URL, thus the name URL bonus code. This process is entirely automatic which does not involve typing of any information code and does not disclose the process of allocation of a code to a specific player.

The next in line is non URL or referral party code in which bonuses are assigned to parties without URL and the player is responsible for providing the particular visible code to the operator's managerial system through his site. They are generally given by friend's referral, printed promotions etc. Specific promotion bonuses are the third form of casino bonus codes where a code gets assigned to a particular promotion instead of a vendor or referral.

Among the various types of all casino bonuses for which the codes are generated, the simplest of all is the no deposit bonus, which just demands the registration of a real player's account in the concerned casino without making any deposit. The money is automatically credited to his account. It is followed by match bonus, free money bonus, sticky bonus, exclusive bonus and loyalty bonus, the last being given to such players who have reached a certain status in the casino.

The bonus codes provided by casinos prove to be a real boost to the business of online casinos. In a nutshell, they are the backbone of online casinos giving a reliable support to their profit account on one hand, and keeping a track of the online customer along with their vendors, on the other.

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